The annual council meeting of ESTIEM, European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, is going to be organized in Bogazici University by BUYAK. In the votings process held in the last Council Meeting in Eindhoven, by outvoting their opponents Darmstadt and Budapest the local group of Istanbul Bogazici earned the privilage of organizing the Council Meeting in the Spring of 2014.

As BUYAK, we prove every week that fun and hard work can exist together. With our frequent activities, our members get closer, the bonds of BUYAK family strengthen and we obtain a friendly atmosphere away from stress.

BUYAK family is aware that every person is special; we consider every opinion important and support the varicosity of ideas. In this way, we make our decisions in democratic ways and we guarantee reaching to permanent conclusions and the continuity of club culture.

As BUYAK family, aiming for not only the good, but the best, we work together with joy in order to achieve it. We use our experience and cooperation towards this goal, and we intend to make all our products perfect.

Merging academic life with the club, our members become responsible and versatile students. With the support we receive from our school, our target is making our members able to draw their own paths after graduation and broaden BUYAK’s horizon.